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Who is Aquala?

Aquala is from the land of dreams, otherwise known as Los Angeles  It is a place synonymous with dreams as people come from all over the world to pursue them. Even though she’s originally from this dreamland, she was not a dreamer until her faith took her from being anxious and afraid to choosing a limitless mindset. Faith was key to changing her inner self and helping her understand that it was safe to create a world that served her. Now, her dreams are her reality.

Aquala focuses on 6 key pillars


Showing people how to get from where they are, to where they want to be.


Guiding people through mindset expansion to open up your world.


Proving that faith can be the empowering force behind you.

Inner Work

Sharing how the inner can impact your reality.


How you can use faith to begin healing your mind.


Harnessing faith to cultivate success in all areas of life.

“Make room for a new mindset of thinking higher and wider and fiercely believing in yourself.”
Real Talk

Your mind will be transformed.

When you listen to Aquala speak, you will walk away with a renewed perspective.

You will understand how faith can be used as a tool for an empowered mindset.

And that THIS is the fuel for cultivating your dreams.

Aquala is a Progressive Christian

What does that mean?

Aquala is a Christian with progressive views, meaning she does not adhere to the beliefs of right-wing Christians, as she feels they dismiss the overriding message of Christ, which is to love.

She believes in human rights for all regardless of gender, economic status, or ethnic groups. She believes in the rehabilitation of and caring for those struggling with addiction and those incarcerated. She believes healthcare is a right, and that women should have the right to choose. Gay rights should be a no-brainer. Indigenous people matter and racial justice is long overdue.

Love is the law above all laws. And love is a verb. she believes our laws should reflect love.

Some transformations to expect...


You feel stuck. Something is holding you back from taking the next step toward your ideal job. From making that move. From stepping into the next phase of your journey.

You feel lost. Like you don’t which way to turn to get out of an unhealthy or undesirable situation. You are disoriented, and unsure about direction or purpose.

You feel discouraged or lacking in optimism about the future.

You experience a sense of sadness and feeling low. Like you’re in a funk that you can’t get out of.


Feels empowered to take a step forward, despite the fear. Excited to get to the other side of it. Hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light is freedom.

You have clarity and know exactly what you need to do to reach your next level. Any confusion is now replaced with certainty. You know what you want.

Feels hopeful and excited for the future! Every day is a new chance to grow.

Happiness is your vibe and you wake each day with a positive outlook.

This is your opportunity to consider a new way of thinking and living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aquala is a progressive Christian. What does that mean?

Aquala does not adhere to the beliefs of right-wing Christians, as she feels they dismiss the overriding message of Christ: love.

Why is Aquala a good fit for your audience?

Aquala will offer your audience a new perspective on a tried and true spiritual tool, leaving their minds shifted and hearts lifted.

What tech requirements do we need?

Some tech requirements include a lapel or Lavelier microphone + a Mac projector hookup cord.

Is there a size limit for the group?

Aquala can speak to any size group, from 50-500+ and everything in between.

How much will it cost?

Aquala's rates vary so please contact her here or fill out the form below.

How long will Aquala speak?

Aquala's talks are generally around 30 minutes but can be curated to be around 50 minutes.