Former Pro Women’s Soccer Champs Join Study for CTE

The debilitating concussion-causing neurodegenerative disease CTE is usually associated with American football players. I remember watching an incredible Frontline episode on the disease when news reports about CTE and its effects were published and broadcast nationally.

Now in the midst of the Women’s World Cup soccer games comes the news of two former pro players and Women’s World Cup champions joining a long-term study to determine if their head injuries and neurological issues stem from CTE. CBS News This Morning profiled former pro soccer stars Michelle Akers and Brandi Chastain and they revealed that due to their heading the ball for years playing the game, they now suffer from migraines and memory loss.

The study, which is led by neurology professor Robert Stern at the Boston University School of Medicine, will follow Akers and Chastain, as well as 18 other female former pro soccer players over the age of 40 to study the cognitive effects of their head and body blows from the game.

This is an important and fascinating story worthy of a read. Click here for the CBS News report on the CTE study for women's soccer.

Also, here is a link to Frontline's 2013 story on CTE and the NFL. The investigative story brings depth and a better understanding of the disease and how it affects those in professional sports.