Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Uses Car Parts to Make a Ventilator

Afghanistan’s prize-winning girls’ robotics team is using old car parts to make a ventilator, as they aspire to help save lives amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The country of over 36 million, only has 400 ventilators; not nearly enough for the 900 cases currently fighting COVID-19 in the country. It’s assumed the number of cases is higher, but the exact number is unknown due to a lack of tests. So far, there have been 30 recorded deaths related to the virus.

“Afghans should be helping Afghanistan in this pandemic,” said Somaya Farooqui, 17, one of the five girls on the team. “We should not wait for others.”

She added, “If we even save one life with our device, we would be proud.”

The girls, from Herat, one of the main hotspots for the virus due to its close proximity to Iran who’s been ravaged by the virus, are using old Toyota parts and an open-source blueprint from MIT to work on the frame of the ventilator.

The deadline for the prototype is May or June. The ventilator would then be sent to the Health Ministry for testing.

Read more on the girls and their story here.


The prize winning team wants to help fellow Afghans amid pandemic