Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an account on The Realist Woman?

No. To comment on any article, you just need a Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account.

What does it mean to comment on an article through Facebook, Google+, or Twitter?

When you comment on our articles, your comment will be published through your socialmedia account. Who can see your comments depends on your individual account privacysettings on that particular social media platform.Please review each company’s individual privacy policy at the following links:

I don’t want to post through Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

All comments on The Realist Woman must be submitted through one of these social mediaaccounts. However, you do have the ability to choose who can see your comments andwhether they will be posted to your own page.

Can I edit or delete my comment?

Yes, you can!

  • Go to article in question where you posted your comment
  • Scroll down to comments section, and find your comment
  • Mouse over right-side of comment, and click on “V” that appears
    • This is a drop-down menu
    • Choose to edit or delete your comment.
    • Confirm delete
  • These simple steps will allow you to either edit or delete any comment made by you to

Please note: you must be using a desktop or laptop – at this time, mobile devicessuch as tablets and phones do not have the ability to edit or delete comments.

Where can I create an account to login?

To participate in The Realist Woman community, you do not need a separate accountwith us. Simply log into your existing social media account by clicking the Facebook,Google+, or Twitter icon displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the header.By logging into your Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account, you can immediately commenton any article on The Realist Woman.

Can I add links to my comments?

Yes, you may. Understand, however, that any comment that links to an inappropriatesite may be removed by moderators.

I posted a comment. Why can’t I see it on The Realist Woman?

Because comments are pre-moderated by our team of moderators, not all comments appearon The Realist Woman site. However, the comments will still appear on your Facebook,Google+, or Twitter account depending on your chosen privacy settings.

Why don’t my comments appear on any article?

To ensure that The Realist Woman community is safe and inclusive,we reserve the right to block any user who has repeatedly postedcomments that violate the guidelines outlined clearly in our community code ofconduct. Such comments include but are not limited to insults, attacks,purposely offensive language, and baiting or trolling.

What is The Realist Woman’s community code of conduct?

We strongly encourage our users to engage with each other through thoughtful discussion.To provide an inclusive, informative, and respectful environment, we ask our usersto follow a straightforward community code of conduct based on respect and a teamof moderators. Read more about our guidelines here: (insert link to code of conductpage).

Why is the code of conduct important?

The code of conduct is essential to The Realist Woman’s mission of sharingimportant news and engaging readers in honest conversation. We want to makesure that every reader feels safe and welcome in our space, and the code ofconduct is designed for that simple purpose.To help users understand and follow our code of conduct, we’ve built it around threeprinciples: show respect, be inclusive, and understand moderation. You can read allabout these guiding principles in our full community code of conduct here.

What happens when someone violates the code of conduct?

The consequences of violating the code of conduct depend on the severity andfrequency of the offending activity. A single offending comment may be deletedor removed by moderators before posting; a commenter who repeatedly violatesthe code may be blocked altogether from participating in The Realist Woman community.Please remember that moderators have the final say in deleting comments and banning users.If you aren’t sure what kind of content violates our code, please read the code of conductin full. But the bottom line? Be honest, civil, polite, and respectful. That’s it!

Where can I sign up for news alerts and notifications?

It’s easy! Sign up for alerts here: