The Realist Woman’s New Focus: Collective Wellness

Since 2018, I have published hundreds of underreported news stories on women and girls. The idea came from my disappointment in the lack of urgency and continued worldwide coverage of the more than 200 Chibok schoolgirls who were kidnapped in Nigeria by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram.

While my passion for covering those stories continues, my heart has shifted to the journey of women’s wellness. After a devastating personal setback, I found community and purpose when I found an amazing hypnotherapist and coach and joined her online group. It was there that I was blessed to learn about and face my past traumas and triggers, in an effort to heal them and make room to receive the wonderful things my scarcity mindset had kept me from having.

As a result of participating in my own personal development, I now practice self-care for my overall wellness as it’s become part of my spiritual journey.

With that said, recently I have felt like my blog was at a standstill because this wellness shift has inspired me to focus on this topic full-time and I didn’t know how exactly to do that with my focus on women’s news. So I started thinking about women’s overall wellness, the collective wellness of women. To me, achieving women’s collective wellness looks like an investment in women by government intervention.

This investment would involve giving women access to education, access to healthcare including mental health, equal pay, universal childcare, reproductive rights, creating policy that addresses racial disparities, laws in place that don’t tolerate workplace harassment, sexual harassment in any form, in any space, laws that don’t tolerate domestic violence, sexual violence, sex trafficking, child marriage, genital mutilation, and mandated representation of women in government. I think these things would serve the collective wellness of women.

It’s because I care so deeply about issues that impact the lives of women and wellness, that I wanted to bridge the two. From here on, The Realist Woman will be exploring what wellness means to women. Women have and continue to have amazing and beautiful gains in this world, but it’s also a world that is still tough on women. Every woman deserves to have their wellness desires realized, and not only do I want to know what wellness means to them, I also want to dive into how those wellness desires could become possible with the help of community and policy.

I don’t have all the plans laid out but I do know I will be publishing stories on real women, in every kind of environment to hear in their own words what wellness would look like in their lives and in their communities. In my dream of dreams, the world would become a place where women’s collective wellness was a reality.