Aquala's Philosophy

A limitless life requires a limitless mindset.
But this way of life wasn’t always part of Aquala’s story. Financial hardship, homelessness, and heartache shaped her worldview of loss and fear, and led her to live a limited life, one without big dreams and one without faith.  Connect with Aquala to hear her break open this idea for your audience. 

Aquala Bogan is not just a speaker...

…she is a guide for women, helping them to unlock a mindset that knows no limits.

An author, blogger, and storyteller, Aquala is on a mission to encourage women to step into this limitless life through faith. With a deep understanding of spirituality and its profound impact on the way we proceed and navigate life, Aquala has dedicated herself to helping women tap into their dreams through this lens.

Her perspective changed at her lowest moment, and it was that event that took her from a limited mindset to using faith as a key to unlock a life of no limitations.

What is one of her most profound beliefs? That YOU are the chooser of your life and through faith, the dreams, the life, the magic you want as your reality is available and waiting for you to choose it.

I am on a mission to encourage women to step into a limitless life through faith.

- Aquala Bogan

Speaker | Author | Guide

This Wasn't Always Aquala's Reality...

Aquala is from the land of dreams, otherwise known as Los Angeles  It is a place synonymous with dreams as people come from all over the world to pursue them. Even though she’s originally from this dreamland, she was not a dreamer. 

From a preteen on, she experienced a theme of loss. One of which was the loss of her home. Coming from a single-parent household had its challenges, especially financially. And unfortunately, her family experienced eviction multiple times. It was a very traumatic experience, especially as a kid.

Home represents your foundation. And not having a home or stable foundation did something to Aquala. It made her anxious, It made her afraid. Specifically, it made her afraid to have. She was afraid that whatever she held, she would lose. 

Losing was scary but so was having. And in Los Angeles where people dreamt of having it all, she dreamed of very little. She didn’t allow herself to dream too big. Her dreams, thoughts, and mindset were limited. She lived a life where she expected little and received little. It felt safe because having little and not going very far was something she could do and maintain. She couldn’t lose. Or so she thought.

Aquala would go on to build a spiritual foundation amidst a lack of a stable home foundation. And after she would fall in love with a dreamer. His energy was exciting and his dreams included her. He made it feel safe to dream, which she did until he left my life. When he left, so did the dreams and the dreaming. 

She was alone with herself, with no dreams and very little faith. But it was enough faith to take her from being anxious and afraid with a limited worldview and dreamless to stepping out with courage to dream and choose a limitless mindset. In her situation, faith was key to changing her inner self and helping her understand that it was safe to create a world in her head that served her in the real world. Her dreams are now her reality. 

Your dreams can also become your reality.