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The Realist Woman Community Code of Conduct

Welcome to The Realist Woman!

At The Realist Woman, we’re committed to creating a productive, inclusive space for active discussion about today’s most pressing issues. We invite you to contribute to The Realist Woman community in keeping with the following code of conduct.

Show Respect – Our members are real people with unique backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences. When you comment on posts or articles, please be polite to all authors, commenters, and subjects.

Be Inclusive – Our goal at the The Realist Woman is to provide a welcoming environment for every person and every idea. Please keep in mind that other commenters may not share your opinion, and that’s okay! Healthy discussion is encouraged; hateful, hostile, negative, or personally attacking comments are not.

Understand Moderation – Our team reserves the right to remove any comments that are considered threatening, aggressive, rude, or otherwise inappropriate. Understand that your comments will appear on your Facebook feed immediately but may be subject to moderation before posting to The Realist Woman site. Comments in violation of our policies may be removed at any time.

Commenting & Moderation Policy

At The Realist Woman, our goal is simple: to publish informative news articles and blog posts for our readers and to encourage lively conversation among our active community. To provide the most inclusive, respectful, and engaging space for readers to interact with authors and each other, The Realist Woman employs a straightforward commenting and moderation policy. To comment on our site and participate in the discussion, we ask that you understand and follow the basic principles as outlined below.

Civil discussion

The bottom line is this: if your participation in The Realist Woman community makes it less inclusive, pleasant, or civil, our moderators reserve the right to ban you and your comments.

We strongly encourage open conversation, and we believe in the power of healthy dialogue. Regardless of your identity, political beliefs, personal background, or religion, you are welcome to share your viewpoints via meaningful comments and responses to other commenters. However, negative comments that are offensive, hateful, attacking, insulting, trolling, or designed to bait others into such conversation are not tolerated. Moderators can and will remove comments that do not contribute to an open and engaging discussion. Any individual who continues to post these types of comments may lose commenting ability or be banned from The Realist Woman altogether.

Unique user accounts

Every person who participates in The Realist Woman community should use a single user account to post comments and reply to others. Misrepresenting yourself by commenting via multiple accounts is not tolerated, and known false accounts will be removed by moderators. Similarly, please do not use The Realist Woman to spread misinformation as it will also be removed.

Pre-moderation of comments

Our moderators reserve the right to read comments before they are published to The Realist Woman site. Review times vary based on the number of comments and articles being published, but rest assured that our goal is to review all comments in a reasonable period of time. Please do not repost the same comments or email moderators with individual requests. Doing so only slows down the site-wide moderation for everyone.

Sharing of personal information

Do not post personally identifiable information to The Realist Woman community, whether it’s your own information or another user’s. Such information includes full names, physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. Moderators reserve the right to delete any comments that appear to share any such information.

Safe Space

As laid out here and in our community code of conduct, we strive to maintain a safe space for all individuals and their ideas, regardless of background, beliefs, or ideas. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any language that is willfully insulting, hostile, or aggressive. If you directly or indirectly threaten another member, your comments may be removed and you may be banned from the site immediately. All credible threats will be reported to law enforcement and given our full cooperation.


As mentioned above, any individual who repeatedly violates our code of conduct may be blocked from commenting on all articles on The Realist Woman—even if one particular comment does not itself violate the terms. Again, comments that violate our terms include but are not limited to those that contain personal attacks, insults, threats, trolling or baiting, and abuse. Our moderators reserve the right to make the final judgment on a user’s ability to participate in our community.