Armenia to Offer Military Training to Young Women in Wake of Azerbaijan Conflict

With the ongoing and escalating conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia taking place, Armenia’s government is establishing a nationwide civilian militia that will include women on the front lines. Anyone up to the age of 70 can apply, with the militia expected to see about 100,000 members. 

The conflict between the two countries started up again in July and as explained by Armenia’s Deputy Minister Defense Gabriel Balayan, is the reason why this militia is necessary. “The July events didn’t demonstrate but verified the need for such a structure. It is more effective to have an organized structure.

Militia members will not be issued weapons unless there are military operations or the threat of operations. 

The country’s First Lady and Journalist Anna Hakobyan initiated an unrelated military training program for young civilian women known as Women for Peace. The 45-day program will train women aged 18-27, and those who successfully complete the training will be able to join the country’s armed forces.

Nagorno-Karabakh, a territory in Azerbaijan but controlled by Armenia, is the center point of the conflict. Azerbaijan was given the territory by the Soviet Union in the 1920s until Nagorno-Karabakh decided to become independent from Azerbaijan and establish itself as the Republic of Artsakh. A war with Armenia ensued in the early 1990s and Armenia made significant advances in reclaiming the territory, but there was never a solution to the conflict after the fall of the Soviet Union. What has followed since are numerous conflicts between the countries, with support for Azerbaijan by Turkey and Armenia mostly left to defend itself on its own.

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The Realist Woman’s take:

The conflict is escalating hour by hour and not enough is being done to help Armenia. The Prime Minister was supposed to have a call with President Trump about the fighting but Trump suddenly became ill with COVID-19. 

As of late, the United States isn’t as involved as it can be and most likely is going to sit back watch Turkey back Azerbaijan because of its political interests with Turkey. That’s a hard pill for Armenians to swallow because of its history with Turkey, who’s Ottoman Empire committed genocide against the Armenians, killing millions from 1915-1917.

And now this conflict has gotten to the point where young Armenian women will be joining their military to defend their country in the conflict. This is a scary situation and if there is no help from the international community, many young women and men are sure to be killed. It’s a tragedy the mainstream news is ignoring.