Democratic Women’s Caucus Calls on US Soccer Federation to Close Gender Pay Gap

The House’s Democratic Women’s Caucus is calling on the U.S. Soccer Federation to close what they call an “indefensible” wage gap between male and female players.

Signed by 52 members of Congress, the caucus sent a letter to the Soccer Federation’s president Carlos Cordiero acknowledging the lawsuit female players filed over the wage gap.

In the lawsuit, the U.S. women’s team accused the federation of “institutionalized gender discrimination” and cited their lack of fair pay, travel arrangements, medical care and workloads as examples.

In their letter, the caucus stated that the only things the women should be fighting for are a world title or gold medal. They added, “Instead, the message sent to women and girls is that their skills and accomplishments are of lesser value.”

The Realist Woman’s take:

You know I hear a lot of people complain about how we need to stop politicizing sports. But almost every situation is political. Including this one. Unlike the men’s teams, the U.S. Women’s soccer team has won four World Cup titles and yet are still underpaid. No matter how hard they work and how well they do, it’s not good enough to be considered equal to the men’s teams and the men’s pay. It’s absurd.

I applaud the women’s caucus for sending their support for the women, which I hope puts more pressure on the soccer Federation to move on this issue.

You can read the letter sent to the Soccer Federation here.