Female Activists in Mexico Protest and Raise Awareness for Missing and Murdered Women

Female activists and family members of missing and murdered women all over Mexico have been protesting the constant violence against women. This year, femicides have increased by 5.7% between January and July of this year, as compared to last year. About 74 women were killed in July alone.

With a government weak on enforcing these crimes, an indifferent justice system, and a country where toxic masculinity has proven fatal for women, activists had no choice but to bring attention and awareness to this issue by occupying government buildings, defacing office signs and portraits of historical figures. They also set a government rights commission building on fire. 

About 25 masked women first graffitied the building before breaking it down doors to get inside and set the place on fire. They also threw Molotov cocktails to the exterior of the building. Police arrested 13 women, who were released after an outcry on social media over the women experiencing rough treatment.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador condemned, not the violence against women and the injustice of women killed in the country, but the protestors for defacing portraits of historical Mexican figures. Responding to his misguided outrage, one of the activists told the Mexican media outlet, Animal Politico, “How can you get outraged at this picture, but not about how my own daughter was abused?”

The justice system has failed to properly investigate these cases, find the missing women, and has failed to prosecute these perpetrators for their crimes. Since 2006, when Mexico deployed its military to confront organized crime, more than 73,000 people have gone missing. The protesters are demanding action and justice for the missing.