Goldman Sachs Investing $10 Billion in Economic Initiative for Black Women

woman working on laptop

Marketplace recently published a great story on the announcement that investment bank Goldman Sachs will be investing more than $10 billion dollars towards economic opportunities for Black women in the workforce over the next 10 years through the One Million Black Women initiative.

According to the Head of Corporate Engagement at Goldman Sachs Asahi Pompey, this initiative was a response to the disproportionate number of Black women dying of COVID-19, Black women losing jobs as a result of the pandemic, and the killing of George Floyd. “We knew we had to do something as it related to Black women,” said Pompey.

The money will be used to help elevate Black women in the workforce by investing in broadband, childcare, and will be used through organizations that focus on black women and equity as those organizations have direct communication and connection to Black women.

This is a wonderful initiative and the hope is to see this money allocated to areas affecting Black women most and advancing their lives as a result. 

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