Inspiring Children’s Books for Women’s History Month

As a black female blogger, I feel the pressure to write and contribute a little something extra during the months of February, Black History Month, and March, Women’s History Month. But all year-round, every post this blog publishes is dedicated to women.

With that said, it is Women’s History Month and while there are a multitude of stories about women, many of them in the negative realm as we women face some pretty tough obstacles in this world, I was elated to stumble upon this amazing list of children’s books on the women who’ve changed history.

Mashable compiled the list and every single book suggested is pretty excellent. I personally bought a book from one of the recommended authors Vashti Harrison’s book series, specifically Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History. The book featured in the article was Harrison’s Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around the World.

Not only are these books great gifts, but whether buying in-store or online, or borrowing them from the library, you are going to feel so proud and responsible because the next generation of girls and boys to read these books will be educated on and hopefully inspired by the women who have contributed so much to our country and our world.

Mashable's recommended children's books for Women's History Month can be found here.