It’s Not Safe There

I have questions regarding the results of two recently released polls on black people’s perspective of Trump. The first survey, conducted by public policy network Black Women’s Roundtable and Essence Magazine, reveals 80% of black women gave Trump a failing grade. A CNN poll revealed 3% of black women approve of Trump, while black men’s approval polled higher at 15%.

First of all, who are the 20% of black women not giving Trump a failing grade? How are 3% of black women approving of this man? And who are the 15% of black men giving him the thumbs up?

Are they like the blind white supremacist black man from the Chapelle Show? This President’s racism is constantly spewing through his mouth, his policies, and his inaction on issues affecting people of color. His very ignorant description of predominately black cities, anyone? Locked up brown kids ring a bell? He’s practically the real-life version of Pennywise the clown, snatching up kids away from their parents, locking them up and gleefully watching them die. 

This is a President who has warmly invited White Supremacist groups into the White House, the place black slaves built. Any black person supporting and not completely denouncing this man makes me question if they have any integrity at all. Who are these people?!