London Artists Say Male Toxicity Leads to Climate Change Crisis

A new exhibit in London features artists whose work correlates toxic male behavior with the ongoing climate change crisis. The show features pieces exposing the urgency of the climate change, the larger carbon footprint by men, and the insecurities of males who don’t take action on the issue for fear of appearing too feminine.

Ashley Johnson of the environmental group Do the Right Thing, spoke to the Thomas Reuters Foundation and defined climate change as sexist, saying it disproportionately affects women and girls in already marginalized communities.

According to the U.N., climate change is responsible for 80 percent of women and girls into displacement from disasters and events.

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The Realist Woman’s take:

These artists are bold and I commend them for their honest perspective on this issue. Natural disasters have always taken place. But not at the rate, speed and intensity they’ve been happening as of late. Women and girls will continue to be victims of this crisis until those in power, men, decide to take action.

Of course, there are men in leadership positions who are using their platforms to sound the alarm about this crisis, but too many men in power are not responding with the urgency this issue demands and women and girls end up being collateral damage as a result. Helping our environment is not feminine. It’s humane. The insecure and toxic men that run this world need to realize that.