Maryland Legislature Rebukes Trump Gag Rule With New Law Protecting Women

The Maryland legislature recently passed a law refusing federal money for Title X or family planning programs due to its condition of excluding abortion referral services. The move is a clear rebuke to President Trump’s expansion of the gag rule, which redistributes federal money from family planning services in favor of faith-based clinics.

Maryland will take on funding these services through its state-funded Family Planning Program, which the legislature approved in 2017. The Maryland legislature also voted on a bill to protect funding Planned Parenthood clinics. The state, along with 21 other states, is suing the Trump administration in order to block the gag rule from going into effect.

The Realist Woman’s take:

With policies as bad as the Trump administration’s, it’s not surprising to see states protecting their resident's rights despite the evil spawn’s efforts to undermine this country’s democracies.

The Maryland legislature clearly wants to send the message that women in this state will always have the right to choose what’s best for their lives, with or without federal support.