More Work for Women During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has halted life as we know it globally, while adding on the workload for women. There’s a great article out of The Guardian laying out the heavy workload women face today as many are quarantined with their families. That means many women are homeschooling kids, cooking more meals, doing the laundry and maintaining the home, as well as working remotely for their jobs.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, a Gallup poll from January revealed women were seven times more likely to care for their children on a daily basis as compared to men in heterosexual married or co-habitating couples. And for single-parent homes, 80% are headed by women. Now with the pandemic, the amount of work placed on women's shoulders has increased significantly.

CEO of Ellevate Network Kristy Wallace spoke to The Guardian about multiple roles women take on in the home. “Women are typically the chief healthcare officers, chief entertainment officers, the chief education officers in their homes,” said Wallace. “In a time of crisis, a time where we don’t have a clear playbook but we do have a lot of panic and anxiety - the weight of these roles is quite overwhelming.”

Read more on The Guardian.


The virus has stopped everything but the work for women