Nail Salons Struggling as Coronavirus Hurts Industry

Fears of catching the coronavirus has hit New York’s nail industry hard and while this has much to do with customers trying to stay out of public spaces, this is also about racism and xenophobia towards people of Asian descent.

With news of the pandemic’s origins coming out of Wuhan, China, many people, including politicians and the Trump administration, have publicly referred to the coronavirus as a “chinese virus.” This ignorance has led to an increase in hate crimes against Asians and xenophobia towards Chinese restaurants or businesses with primarily Asian employees. Nail salons are a prime example of businesses that have been hurt by the xenophobia.

A 2018 study conducted by UCLA’s Labor Center found that three-quarters of nail salon workers in the U.S. are of Asian descent. Salon workers themselves have fears of catching the virus from customers and on that list of fears is the inevitable; salons shutting down.

The global pandemic has U.S. cities and states encouraging social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as mandated bans of dining in at restaurants, and the closures of bars, gyms, libraries, schools, and museums. 

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