Nearly 14,000 Rape Kits Remain Untested in California

In I missed this important and underreported news story because a racial justice movement was on its way to challenging this country in ways it’s never experienced, the Sacramento Bee reported nearly 14,000 rape kits have not been tested and are sitting on shelves collecting dust. And that number is likely undercounted.

One of the major problems behind the lack of testing is too few counties complying with state mandates passed by the California legislature requiring testing data to be sent to the state's Justice Department. 

There are more than 690 enforcement agencies in the state of California, and while all aren’t required to test rape kits, only 149 agencies and laboratories reported data to the state’s Justice Department for an audit this past year. 

Opponents of the mandates say they don’t have the resources or manpower to conduct the testing. San Francisco Assemblyman David Chiu wrote the mandate that required the recent audit. 

He spoke to the Sacramento Bee, saying “the results [of the audit] are disappointing to say the least. When a kit remains untested, it retraumatizes the survivor.” 

Legislators will introduce a third mandate to close any rape kit testing laws. Read more on this story on the Sacramento Bee.

The state is also lacking an accurate number of rape kits as counties have not reported any data