New Women-Owned Startup Subscription Service for Women’s Bladder Leakage Products

Women-owned startup Attn:Grace is the latest hygienic subscription service selling pads, liners, briefs, and wipes for women of all ages experiencing bladder leakage. TechCrunch recently profiled the company, noting Attn:Grace’s inclusivity in their work to serve older and younger women.

The current market for products addressing bladder control brings to mind bulky undergarments, assuming the problem lies solely with older women. But the article reveals that while half of the 50-80-year-old women who participated in a study said they experienced leakage, 20-30% of younger women experience the problem once a year. Women who’ve experienced childbirth, menopause, and unitary tract infections have been prone to bladder leakage.

The timing of Attn:Grace is also pretty brilliant as the demand for a variety of products will increase over the next 40 years. As noted in the feature, the older population, people aged 65 and older, will double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060.

The products are environmentally friendly, thoughtfully made so women feel less embarrassed by their urinary issues, and are delivered to your door to avoid trips to the local drug store, which comes in handy for many female consumers.

Find out more about Attn:Grace and the incredible women behind this business on TechCrunch. 

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Products are environmentally friendly and inclusive to women of all ages