Oklahoma Based Startup Provides Platform for Women-Owned Businesses

An interesting story out of Oklahoma features a female entrepreneur supporting women-owned businesses through her tech startup.

Co-founded with her sisters five years ago, Donna Miller and her company Purse Power provides visibility for women-owned businesses through an online national directory, free apps and a google chrome extension that highlights businesses ran by women, businesses that have at least 20 percent of women represented on their boards or are 50 percent owned by women.

Thus far, 1,4oo women visit the site monthly, demonstrating their purchasing power and supporting women-owned businesses.

In an interview with the Oklahoman, Miller talked about her passion for empowering women through Purse Power’s partnership with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The partnership has produced a funding stream for the protection of women and girls affected by the violence.

The Realist Woman's take:

While the story and interview are worthy of a read and as innovative, inspiring and impressive as Purse Power is, I was a little put off by a quote that sort of takes a stab at the women’s movement as it pertains to its effect on the gains or, as some might argue, lack thereof for women in the working world.

In the interview, Miller talked about how her company gives women an opportunity to make a difference and achieve goals. She goes on to say, “Marches haven’t worked, but money talks.”

She’s right that money talks. And her ideas are smart as hell. But let’s not act like it wasn’t women’s marches that led the way for her.

Let’s not dismiss the importance of marches. Let’s not dismiss what marching has meant for marginalized groups in this country and all around the world. Organizing leads to marching and marching leads to awareness. Awareness and education lead to change, and that change usually leads to a shift in our culture which ultimately leads to a change in policy. It may not happen overnight and that is frustrating. But change does come. Let’s not be ignorant and dismiss that.