Planned Parenthood to Open New Facility in Alabama Despite Abortion Law

Planned Parenthood is building a new women’s clinic in Alabama, defying the state’s recent abortion ban which is said to go into effect in November, around the same time construction of the clinic is projected to be finished.

Atlanta-based Planned Parenthood Southeast Director Barbara Ann Lutrell said the organization is committed to providing continued care for the citizens of Birmingham, adding there is absolutely no slowdown on the construction of the facility due to the legislative session.

She told the Associated Press she hopes the abortion law will be invalidated by the time the clinic opens. Those opposed to this project have tried to undermine its construction by trying to convince construction companies from working on the facility and trying to block the organization from receiving its license from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Amidst all of the constant news and controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, they’ve remained resilient against the patriarchy trying to shut them down and they’ve also been consistent in their commitment to women’s healthcare.

Planned Parenthood will continue their vital work for women in Alabama and anywhere women need care. While politicians work to abolish abortion in this country, a fight they will ultimately lose in my opinion, women currently have the right to choose and I’m glad they have an ally like Planned Parenthood in their corner.

Here is a link to support women's healthcare via Planned Parenthood in Birmingham, Alabama. Women in this city, like women everywhere, need support. And this organization is ready and willing to help any woman in need. That's what this all comes down to. If you can, please help the women in this city, in this particular state, where real care for women is being threatened.