Saudi Women Now Allowed to Join the Military

According to news outlets in Saudi Arabia, women in the country will now be able to join the military. This is part of the country’s move towards giving women more autonomy through jobs in the workforce. 

The announcement welcoming women in the military came in 2019 and included plans to ensure women took on roles as soldiers, sergeants, staff sergeants, lance corporals, and corporals. For women interested in joining the military, they need to have a high school education.

The last few years have seen more women in the workforce, with more of a presence in retail, and the service industry. Last year, the Minister of Justice appointed 100 women as public notaries and said they would appoint female court judges in the near future.

The Realist Woman’s take:

This is a great story but Saudi Arabia needs to choose who it’s going to be. Are they going to continue jailing women for speaking up and speaking out? Or, are they going to give women the freedom to live and work as they deserve?

This trend of allowing women into the workforce is all driven by economics. Women participating in the economy will always elevate and expand a country’s economy, which is Saudi Arabia’s goal.

I hope that with the release of activist Loujain al-Hathloul and with more and more women working outside the home, this country will start to see the very obvious value of women’s contribution to Saudi Arabia.