Sierra Leone Ban on Pregnant Students Lifted

A court in Sierra Leone has lifted its ban on pregnant girls attending school. The Economic Community of West African States Court also decided to close down part-time schools pregnant schoolgirls attended.

Amnesty International called this ruling a “landmark moment.” West and Central Africa Deputy Director Marta Colomer said she hopes other countries like Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea who also take part in similar bans, and should “take steps to allow pregnant girls access to education in line with their own human rights obligations.”

The Realist Woman’s take:

Girls always take on the shame. The boys or men who are also responsible for the pregnancies were never denied receiving an education. There's a clear double standard for girls and women, but the court in Sierra Leone is righting a wrong. 

Education should be a right for everyone, especially young women who are about to become mothers. Earning an education is their opportunity to provide for themselves and their families and other countries with similar bans need to jump on board.

Sierra Leone Lifts Ban on Pregnant Students