Soccer Team Invests in African Female Coders

Forbes has a great story on how a soccer team helped an organization expand its reach to more African women by engaging them in coding opportunities, exposing them to workshops and potential careers in STEM. 

Mbali Hlongwane, founder of Pink Codrs Africa, an organization made up of female software developers partnered with the Kazier Chiefs Football Club. She credits the partnership with securing 20 women to be a part of the Microsoft Professionals Data Science program.

In the article, Hlongwane talks about how the Black Lives Matter movement worldwide has put a spotlight on the issues Black people have faced in every industry, including the tech industry. She said as a Black woman who has had opportunities to climb the tech ladder, it’s vital that Black women don’t rise alone, and don’t have to fight for opportunities and space in the tech world. “As an organization, we are focused on enabling Black women and growing the representation of Black women in tech; to us diversity also means inclusion.”

She notes that in the developed world, only 26% of computing professionals are women and she wants her organization to bridge the inequality gap, with a goal of adding 100,000 women to the tech industry by 2030.

It’s an inspiring and important read. Click on the Forbes site to read more about this story.