South African Women Protest Violence Against Women

Women in South Africa took to the streets last week to protest violence acts against women. August was the deadliest month for women in South Africa, with 30 killed by their spouses. About 137 sexual assaults take place daily in South Africa, with the majority of victims being women.

Protestors have started campaigns on social media calling on the government to form policy that protects women and sentences rapists and murderers to life in prison. 

They planned a national shutdown of the country Friday. Activist Lucinda Evans spoke to crowds of protestors in front of Parliament, specifically addressing the female ministers, and asked them, “When are you going to hold these men accountable who have been failing us for so long? If this government fails to protect us, we, as the women of South Africa, will take them to the constitutional court.”

The Realist Woman’s take:

This story originally came from The Guardian and I urge you to read more on this topic. The stories about the violent acts against women in the country as of late are nothing short of grotesque. It's awful. But it's important that we know whats going on in this world of ours. We have our own statistics on violence against women in this country and it's depressing. But if we don't know, then we can't advocate for the right policies to protect us. Without knowledge of what's happening to women, we also can't talk about the toxic masculinity in our culture that leads to violence against women.

The women of South Africa have had enough and are confronting those in power to come up with policies that protect women. They have decided not to wait around for someone to do something about this violence. They are taking matters in their own hands. It's inspiring. And they have the support of women everywhere cheering them on.