Study Says Pandemic Has Negatively Impacted Black Women’s Health and Well-Being

According to a new study by Essence magazine, the coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on the lives and well-being of Black women. About 43% of the women surveyed say the pandemic has negatively impacted their physical health, 63% say it has impacted their mental health and 64% their emotional well-being.

For Black mothers, education is of the utmost importance but 85% say there are not enough computers or laptops to support their children’s educational needs, while 79% say their children are not receiving enough support from their school systems.

The study also looked into the financial impact the pandemic has had on Black women with 70% of business owners saying their businesses have been impacted negatively. Half of the women who participated in the study are finding their ability to work effectively challenging and about 52% say they are facing or anticipating a financial downturn due to the pandemic.

The survey revealed the top three things Black women plan to do post-pandemic which include visiting family and friends, going to church, and participating in outdoor activities. In other forms of public life, 50% of black women say they will not use Uber or Lyft, 39% say it will be a year or longer before they travel and 28% say they don’t plan to travel internationally.

Lastly, the survey found the most trusted news source regarding this pandemic for 57% of black women is the CDC. About 66% acknowledge Dr. Anthony Fauci as their most trusted news source for all things pandemic related, while only 1% of black women viewed Donald Trump as their most trusted news source/leader.

The Realist Woman’s take:

This virus has exposed the disparities in the black community, including educational, socio-economical, and health-related disparities. This survey speaks to all of those issues. Black women are already one of the most undervalued and underprivileged groups in this country and the coronavirus pandemic has set many Black women back emotionally, mentally, and financially. 

It took Essence magazine, a publication, and an institution that has always recognized Black women, to conduct a survey like this when no one else would. How Black women handle this current crisis matters because we are the backbone of our families, communities, and even an entire political party, the Democratic Party. Am I right Joe Biden?

Black women are paying attention to who can lead during a time of crisis. They are looking to see who has their best interests at heart. How black women are treated and acknowledged matters and I hope those who are looking for their votes in November are paying attention. 

Pandemic has been rough on Black women