Study Says Women Less Likely to Receive CPR Than Men

A new study found women are 27 percent less likely to receive CPR after suffering cardiac arrest in public. Researchers say there is a reluctance to perform the life-saving procedure for fear of touching a woman’s chest.

Most CPR training takes place on dummies that have flat-chested torsos. Ad agency JOAN Creative partnered with the organization United State of Women to create an attachment for current dummies known as the Womanikin.

The product is a shirt with cups like breasts on the chest and wraps around a manikin. The goal is to create awareness and distribute the Womanikin into schools.

The Realist Woman’s take:

I could see where people might be reluctant to perform CPR because it requires touching a woman’s breast, but come on. A woman’s life depends on someone performing this procedure.

Yes, women have breasts but beneath those breasts is a heart that needs pumping in order for a person to stay alive. I think this product is a smart way to help alleviate the awkwardness of helping a person with breasts.