The Female Vice Presidential Candidates Before Current Candidate Kamala Harris


After news of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden choosing Senator Kamala Harris as his VP, National Geographic recently listed the names of the 11 women who made history running to win the second-highest office in this country.

Among the list of names include former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the late New York Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro, who was also the first woman to run for Vice President on a major party ticket, and iconic Activist and Philosophy Professor Angela Davis.

The article points out that Senator Harris isn’t the first Asian-American or African-American woman to run for that office. Newspaper owner Charlotta Bass became the first Black woman candidate for the VP spot and anti-war and pro-labor Activist Emma Wong Mar became the first Asian-American woman VP candidate California-based feminist party. The year 1980 saw Native-American activist LaDonna Harris accept the VP spot for the Citizens Party ticket.

Go to National Geographic to learn more about the women who came before current Democratic VP candidate Senator Kamala Harris.