Wisconsin Forms Task Force for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul recently announced the state’s Department of Justice has created a task force to address and combat violence against Indigenous women and girls. The task force will include Wisconsin’s Native American tribes to ensure the leadership of indigenous people on this commitment. 

The task force will investigate contributing factors of the violence and its disproportionate numbers as compared to non-native women and girls. The task force will also focus on the federal, state, and tribal jurisdictions and how they can best respond to this crisis, as well as on how to improve data collection on the missing and murdered indigenous women.

According to a 2018 study by the Urban Indian Health Institute, data collection of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls are scarce and can sometimes lack accurate information. President of the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council and of the Stockbridge Munsee Band of Mohican Indians Shannon Holsey said in a press release that in order to confront the violence against Native women and girls, “people have to recognize it as a crisis," and “understand the deep and intricate roots underlying it and extend justice and protection to Native women and girls."

Native women are more likely to experience higher murder rates than white women, according to a 2008 study by the U.S Department of Justice. The study also revealed native women experience higher rates of sexual violence than non-native women.

The Realist Woman’s take:

This task force is long overdue as this crisis is more than a crisis. Native women and girls are some of the most forgotten and neglected groups in this country and their pain deserves attention and action.

I’m not trying to complain as I am pleased this task force is on board to work with Native peoples to combat this violence, but my heart aches for all they’ve had to endure thus far. I hope to come across news in the future that real change came for these women and girls. They’re our women and girls. We need to protect them.

The task force will include Native peoples to ensure their leadership in tackling the crisis