Australia Appoints First Female Spy Chief

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison just named a woman to head it’s intelligence agency, a first for the country. Rachel Noble is set to become the next director-general of the Australian Signals Directorate in February 2020.

Prime Minister Morrison and Defense Minister Linda Reynolds said in a statement, “Her appointment to this leadership role is a significant step forward for women in the national security sector and we congratulate her.”

Noble previously worked as head of the Australian Cyber Security Center. A published statement from the government when on to say, “Ms. Noble’s deep experience in intelligence strongly positions her to lead ASD in executing it’s important national security mission."

Noble’s appointment comes at a time when the country has seen an increase in cyber attacks. Last March, the ASD found China responsible for a cyber attack on Parliament and three major political parties, even though China denies having anything to do with the events.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Noble has her hands full as she takes on increasing cyber attacks against her country. It’s wonderful that women are making gains in the intelligence community in Australia. Women are just as capable of working to protect their country as men are and it’s great to see Australia recognize that.