Bernie vs. Biden’s Record on Women’s Issues

I haven’t written much about the upcoming Presidential election. Every four years my ability to stomach the coverage gets weaker. But a new article published in Jacobin magazine only solidifies my opinion that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for women.

The article argued against a statement from President of the National Organization for Women Toni Van Pelt. She told the Associated Press that Senator Sanders “doesn’t have a record” and that he’s “as far as we know, done next to nothing for women and for our issues.” 

Just days before the Michigan primary, Van Pelt told the AP, “We think our constituents, our members, will not necessarily think of Sanders as the best choice,” a subtle way of making a case for Biden.

The article goes on to document Bernie’s record with NOW in Vermont. Yes, despite VanPelt’s statement, Bernie has a record with NOW and it is one of praise from the organization due to his endorsement and legislative support of women’s issues. Biden’s record on the other hand, doesn’t look as favorable with the organizations as he opposed many of their social justice policies. 

I have to state that the writer of this article did write a book making a case against Biden, but Biden’s record is something you can’t make up or deny. Biden’s record consists of backing abortion restrictions, including the Hyde amendment which bans the use of federal fund to pay for abortion and has been criticized for not addressing women’s issues it his re-election campaigns. 

Senator Sanders' record includes his support for Vermont’s version of the Equal Rights Amendment, support for women’s reproductive rights and was even given a 100% rating from NOW.

The records speak for themselves. Click here to read a detailed view of each candidate's NOW record. 




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