Coronavirus Puts Latina Inventor of Hand Sanitizer in Spotlight

This year's Women’s History Month has been completely overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic and the panic over the virus has put the use and need of hand sanitizer in the news. It's also put the product's inventor into the spotlight.

Lupe Hernandez of Bakersfield, Calif. was a student nurse in 1966 when she came up with the idea to create an alcohol-based gel to sanitize hands in a situation where there was no access to soap and water. She called an invention hotline to learn how to register the patent.

It’s been 54 years since Lupe’s revolutionary invention and yet, many have never known about this incredible woman. So before we see an end to this year’s Women’s History Month, I wanted to take the time to honor Lupe Hernandez for changing our world for the better.

While there's very little written about Hernandez, here are two articles below that credit the revolutionary for her work and leadership.

Remezcla: Remembering the Life-Saving Lupe Hernandez, Hand Sanitizer Inventor

The Guardian: Hand Sanitizers, Saved By the Gel?

woman using hand sanitizer

Lupe Hernandez is a hero