Girl Scouts Makes Cookies Available Online

Girl Scout cookies can now be found online. The coronavirus pandemic has halted in person activities and events, and has led to the Girl Scouts Cookie Care campaign, which makes the cookies available to order from the group’s website.

The campaign has also made cookie donations to first responders, volunteers and local causes available through its site. 

Girl Scouts USA, as well as Girl Scouts Heart of the South, have come up with digital programs and activities to keep girls engaged during this time of quarantine. 

It’s virtual program Girl Scouts at Home, “represents a new way to participate in the Girl Scout experience,” said Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Sylvia Acevedo on the organization’s website. “We’re making select Girl Scout program resources available to every girl, parent, caregiver, volunteer and troop leader.” The programs are the organization’s way of serving girls during this crisis.

The Realist Woman’s take:

This organization continues to our girls first and has found a way to keep girls active and engaged, all the while serving their communities. The Girl Scouts sincerely put a smile on the faces of millions and in the least, that’s what people need right now.







girl holding oatmeal cookies

The Coronavirus Pandemic Led the Organization to Make this Decision