Black Woman Becomes the First Doctor to Cure Cancer in Mice

For the first time cancer has been cured in mice, and it’s all thanks  to Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green as she is the first doctor to accomplish such a groundbreaking feat. Dr. Green used laser-activated nanoparticle technology to cure mice within 15 days and didn’t require chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Her work was supported through a $1.1 million grant awarded to her by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Dr. Green was driven to work in cancer research after watching her aunt Ora Lee die of the disease. She started a foundation after her aunt’s namesake known as the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation. On its website, the organization’s mission says it wants to “change the way cancer is treated and reduce human suffering by providing cancer care that is accessible, affordable and effective.”

Dr. Green announced on her Instagram account that human clinical trials can begin within 12 months of her foundation reaching its first fundraising goal of $10 million. 

You can donate to or text ORA to 71777 to support this history-making cause.

The Realist Woman’s take:

I knew the pain of losing a loved one to cancer as my aunt died of the disease 10 years ago and have prayed and hoped for a cure. And while a cure has yet to be invented for humans, this is one of the most promising events to happen in cancer research and is the closest to answering countless prayers. It’s more than worthy to support this cause and I encourage you to do so! 

While I’m enthusiastic about any doctor accomplishing a cure for cancer in mice, it makes me so proud to know that a black woman is responsible for this. We are absolutely, 100% underestimated and underappreciated in this society and to know that there are women like Dr. Green in this world, working everyday to change our world for the better is uplifting and gratifying.