Women in Mexico to Participate in ‘A Day Without Us’ Strike

On Monday, March 9th, women in Mexico will stage a one-day strike to address the violence women face in the country. The strike will also display what Mexican cities and villages look like when women miss a day of work, school and other forms of public life.

Women in business, government ministries and universities are supporting the cause. Activist and spokeswoman Arussi Unda from feminist group Brujas Del Mar hadn’t anticipated such a vast response for this protest.

“This is like the lost village, the tiny collective, the nobody women….but sooner or later it was going to happen.”

In the last five years, femicides in the country has increased 135%, with the most recent high profile femicide being a 25 year-old female murder victim whose photos of her mutilated corpse was published on the front cover of a newspaper. 

Unda spoke of the plight Mexican women face in society saying they are fed up. “It’s not just the obvious crisis of femicides in Mexico but also what happens every day at home, at school, at work. There’s no place that is safe for us.” 

The Realist Woman’s take:

If only every city could experience a strike like this one. It’ll be interesting to see how this protest plays out. I hope the cities and villages participating feel the absence of women and all they do and all that they contribute to society.

Women in Mexico are saying enough is enough. The femicides in this country have sky-rocketed in the last five years and signs of change are non-existent. Women’s lives are in danger and will remain so if the issue isn’t addressed and backed up with laws that force perpetrators to face the consequences of their heinous actions.

Women in Mexico want their country to know that they matter, they deserve respect, they deserve equality, and they are not here to exist as punching bags for men to prove their manhood and status in society. 

woman sitting outside