International Women’s Day: Women’s Movements You Should Know About

While it is International Women’s day every day on the Realist Woman blog, for this particular day I found and wanted to share an amazing article on the women’s movements that could use the world’s collective attention right now. 

GZERO laid out the women’s movements happening in Mexico, Poland, India, Australia, and Japan. Here are brief descriptions of what issues surround women’s rights in these countries. 

In Mexico, women are fighting for abortion rights and look to Argentia, who just legalized abortion in December 2020 for inspiration. They have also taken to the streets for the rise in the number of femicides since the pandemic, with a woman being killed once every eight hours last year.

Abortion is also a top issue for women in Poland, which saw some of the biggest protests of its restrictive abortion law since the downfall of communism in the 1990s. This month it’s expected protests will continue to fight this horrific law.

In India, historic protests have taken place with farmers fighting against new agriculture laws that threaten their profits. These laws will hurt millions of women in particular because 80% of working women in India work in the farming sector. Women have and will continue to take the lead in protesting and fighting for what’s rightfully theirs. 

Australia has been rocked by a former government staffer coming forward with allegations of rape in Australia’s Parliament House. Since the allegations were made public, multiple women have come forward with their experiences of sexual harassment within the government. An inquiry into the allegations and “workplace culture” are taking place by way of request from the Prime Minister.

Japan saw about 7,000 women or a 15% increase in suicides in 2020. There’s a lack of support for women’s mental and emotional health in this society and those numbers have prompted women’s groups to focus on highlighting the depression and the alienation women feel.

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