Kenyan Women’s Rights Activists Relieved Over U.S. Lifting of Global Gag Rule

The Biden administration recently lifted the global gag rule and women’s activists in Kenya are here for it. The gag rule was banned during the Trump administration and blocked U.S. dollars from supporting health centers globally that provided safe abortions from receiving such funds.

Women in Kenya had to take drastic measures to terminate their pregnancies which lead to the deaths of many women. So while the ban has been lifted, the damage done to families in Kenya, Africa, and countries all around the world is something that can’t be reversed.

A researcher with the African Population and Health Research Center, Boniface Ushie supports the lifting of the ban but said the impact of the rule instituted by Trump is going to take a while to go into effect. “So it’s going to require a lot of funding. It’s going to require a lot of programs to undo what has been done over the past four years.”

Under the Trump administration, many clinics were shut down, denying countless women access to safe abortions and sexual health education and resources. 

The Realist Woman’s take:

It’s usually a Republican administration that bans the gag rule. So during that time, during those four or eight years, women around the world who rely on health clinics to aid them with their sexual health needs were denied care. Women are the ones who suffer at the hands of a patriarchal party who have the nerve to consider themselves to be pro-life.

They are anything but pro-life with their disastrous policies on climate change, contribution to violence all over the world, supporting coups but bitching about our own earlier this year, a lack of healthcare coverage for their constituents in a pandemic, their lack of action on the food insecurity of the children in this country, continuing to support kids and entire families in cages, I could go on. They are not pro-life, and to deny women life-saving care is abhorrent.