Chile Outlaws Public Sexual Harassment

Chile just passed a law criminalizing public sexual harassment. Those convicted of the crime will face fines and possible jail time. The law comes on the heels of last year’s student protests of sexual harassment on campus.

Chile is the latest country in Latin America to outlaw the act, along with Peru and Argentina. A 2015 survey revealed that three out of four women are sexually harassed on the street in the country.

The Realist Woman’s take:

It’s encouraging to see Latin American countries, historically conservative, take these progressive steps to change its culture of overly aggressive behavior from men. Male toxicity is a global problem and it’s up to the governments of these countries to finally take a stand against this public violation and stand up for women.

Obviously, it’s the protesters and women’s organizations who bring these issues to the forefront and demand change. This law is long overdue. I hope other countries follow in Chile’s footsteps and create laws that punish this behavior. We all know it’s the culture that will really make the difference in how women are treated but the government doing their part never hurts.