New CA Law Would Close Gender Pay Gap For Sports Competitions

A new proposed law in California would mandate equal pay for male and female athletes competing in sports competitions held on state-granted land or property.

Measure AB467, or the Equal Pay for Equal Play Bill, was introduced by State Assembly members Lorena Gonzalez and Tasha Boerner earlier this year and requires organizations to give an equal amount of award money to athletes of all genders.

Organizations who refuse to reward an equal amount of money to its athletes will be denied permits or leases to hold the competition on state land or property.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Damn Cali, I see you. How awesome and bold is this idea? And of course, it would take two female politicians to come up with it. Go figure.

I hope this proposed bill becomes law because I think just about every study and story out there has shown the gender gap closing at a snail's pace. Throughout history, marginalized groups have had to shove the idea of equality down the throats of the powerful in order to receive change and that may be how some might feel about this law. But as of right now, it's the best way to give female athletes what they deserve. They are grossly underpaid as compared to male athletes and equal pay for them is long overdue.