Black Female Preachers Discuss #MeToo and Gender Pay Gap

The religious Word Network recently broadcast a two-hour special featuring 50 predominantly African-American female preachers discussing a variety of topics including how the #MeToo movement has shed a light on sexual abuse within the black church.

While most know of the sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, discussions surrounding abuse within black churches were usually non-existent until the #MeToo movement came around. Prominent male preachers have always been protected by the church and church members, including women who have been complicit in this culture of abuse.

Panelist and business leader Nona Jones talked about why the enabling of sexual predators within the church must stop. “We need to stop covering for people because that’s how people get hurt. I have had that happen,” said Business leader Nona Jones.

She shared her story of a prominent male pastor sending her a sexually explicit photo of himself. She told him she was married and would not take part in his blatant request for sexual favors to get ahead.

The women also discussed the pay gap between male and female preachers and how social media can play a negative role in the mental health of its users.

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