COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Affecting Ukraine Surrogacy Industry

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There’s a story out of the New York Times that talks about how the shutdown of borders during this COVID-19 pandemic has left the surrogacy industry in limbo. Specifically, in Northern Cyprus where surrogate carriers from Ukraine are flown in for implantation and birth.

Laws in Ukraine prevent surrogacy for same-sex couples or couples who prefer to select the sex of the child, so women who receive an opportunity to carry for either situation have to go to Northern Cyprus where the law allows it.

Unfortunately, with the travel restrictions and border closures, many women have either had to leave quickly after birth in Cyprus, with unfinished paperwork to transfer the child to the adoptive parents or have had to give birth in Ukraine, blocking adoptive parents from being able to pick up their children.

The surrogate carriers have also reported low grade and negligent medical care provided by the surrogacy services, which is not only unacceptable but ridiculous on the account of this industry being lucrative for all of those involved.

Click here to read harrowing accounts from the women involved and the politics behind it all on the New York Times website.