France Approves IVF Bill for Single and Gay Women

France’s senate has approved a bill allowing IVF treatments for lesbians and single women. It is President Emmanuel Macron’s first major social reform in his term.

Previously, IVF treatments were exclusively for heterosexual couples. And while the majority of French citizens support bioethics reform, many opposed this latest bill. About 41,000 people assembled last month in protest opposing the bill.

Socialist party Senator David Assouline voted in favor of the bill and said, “What was recognized to heterosexual couples must be recognized for heterosexual couples.”

The Realist Woman’s take:

France is becoming more liberal on social issues and this one is important. No one should be denied the ability to have a child because they are single or gay. It’s a great moment and a win for women.

Conservatives are always talking about how important family is and yet they opposed a bill that gives women the ability to start their own families. France has done the right thing in making sure that whoever desires to have a family, can do so regardless of whether or not they have a male partner. France in turn has proved they are supportive of women’s rights, gay rights and are for and not against families.