Russia Resolution Threatening Women’s Rights in Conflict Zones Fails

Russia recently lost a UN vote on a resolution they introduced which would have threatened women’s rights in conflict zones; this happening in the 20th anniversary year of resolution 1325, which was the first to recognize women’s experiences in conflict and demands women’s roles in peace negotiations, operations, and reconstruction. 

The U.S, France, Germany, and the U.K. abstained on the vote, which led to the resolution failing to obtain enough votes to pass. Legal Director of the Global Justice Center Grant Shubin said every country who abstained from this “unnecessary and dangerous resolution should be applauded.” He went on to say the resolution could have turned back the clock on 20 years of progress.”

“Women in conflict-affected countries are suffering catastrophic impacts due to COVID-19,” said Shuber. “Any attack on this critical tool for advancing women’s health and rights is dangerous and we’re glad to see a diverse group of nations stand up for the agenda and its bold commitments to gender equality.”

While the U.S. abstained from this particular vote, it is really no better than Russia. Last year, the U.S. only supported a resolution introduced by Germany to combat wartime rape when references to sexual and reproductive health and rights were removed. 

The countries that voted for Russia’s failed resolution included China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and South Africa.

The Realist Woman’s take:

I’m glad this resolution did not make the cut. Anything that contributes to doing more harm to women, women who are already suffering violence against them in conflict zones, should never receive any serious support.

And that last bit about the U.S. only voting on a resolution to combat wartime rape because texts referencing sexual and reproductive health and rights were removed, has Trump and his puppets written all over it. It’s disgusting. I’m glad he’s out the door in January. It can’t come soon enough. We need proper representation in the UN. We need people who want to help women to represent us, not people who stomp all over the rights of women.

Russia introducing a resolution to hurt women comes as no surprise to me at all considering who their leader is and how their society works.