World Contraception Day

Saturday, September 26th marks the 13th anniversary of World Contraception Day, a global campaign aiming to bring awareness to the significance of contraception. Supported by a coalition of 15 Non-Government Organizations, as well as government organizations and scientific and medical societies, the campaign has partnered with multiple programs on the ground that provide sex education and contraception awareness. 

Those programs include 120 Under 40 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, World Contraception Day Ambassadors by Women Deliver, Genext Uganda: My Life, My Future, MTV Teen Mom Latin America, Campus Talk Program, and Bloom From Heart China.

The partner coalition is tailored to meet each individual region’s sex education and birth control needs. The campaign, known as “It’s your life – it’s your future,” works to reach teens and young adults aged 13 to 25 as the reproductive health of teens and young adults is an issue globally. According to the World Health Organization, 16 million teenage girls account for 11% of births worldwide.

The lack of sexual education in their communities and cultures and a lack of access to birth control are behind the large numbers of births. The topic of sex is often avoided to dissuade teens from having it, but in turn, avoiding the conversation leads to more sex, more births, and more sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual education and access to birth control need to be prioritized, as it empowers an individual to make smarter and safer choices. Sexual and reproductive autonomy should be the goal for every region. 

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