All Jobs Lost in December Were Held By Women

According to the National Women’s Law Center, women accounted for 100% of the job losses in December of 2020. Approximately women lost 156,000 jobs, while men gained 16,000 jobs in the same time period. 

Women of color saw the most job losses and saw higher unemployment levels than the average rate of 6.3%. The unemployment rate for Latinas in December was 9.1% and 8.4% for Black women compared to a rate of 5.7% for white women and 5.8% for white men.

In the last 12 months, women lost more than 5 million jobs or 55% of all job losses. The industries that women dominate were the hardest hit by the pandemic and those industries included hospitality, leisure, and education. Many of the jobs in the industry are impossible to do without childcare for their children. Remote work is not an option. 

The Realist Woman’s take:

It’s one story after another about the racial disparities and the gender disparities in the workforce. The pandemic has obviously hit the majority of people around the world financially, but it’s been women who’ve been the primary casualties of this event.

Due to the particular industries above still closed, the job gains for women are not happening anytime soon. These issues were a crisis before the pandemic and it’s worse now. These disparities are beyond unacceptable and we need to better for women and women with families.