Education Secretary Betsy Devos Propose Federal Cuts to Special Olympics

Oh no she didn't. But yes she did.

For the third year in a row, Department of Education Secretary Betsy Devos has proposed cutting federal support to the Special Olympics. Her reasoning? The Special Olympics already receives private support from donations and the federal government can’t fund every great program. 

The cut is part of the Trump administration’s 2020 budget plan, which reduces the Education Department’s funding by $8.5 billion or 12 percent.

The one department that deserves consistent federal support is the Department of Education. The future of this country is dependent on children receiving a quality education. It’s literally a National Security issue.

What are the current priorities of this administration? War, oil and guns. What do all of those things have in common? Money. Once again, it’s profit over people. Profit over educating our children. And what are Betsy Devos’ priorities? Propping up Charter schools.

I’m happy to report that nearly every politician on capital hill clutched their pearls at the news of federal cuts to the Special Olympics. Republicans were just as outraged as Democrats over this proposal and vowed to protect federal funds to the program. If you haven’t already noticed, this website is dedicated to the under-reported news stories on women and girls. And while this story isn’t necessarily under-reported, nor is the outrage over the news, I had to post at least one story about how reckless Betsy Devos’ ideas are. 

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