High School Girl Wins Top Science Prize

High School freshman Kara Fan won a top science prize after she invented a liquid first aid bandage with nano-silver technology. Her invention reduces the risk of superbug infections stemming from an overuse of antibiotics. Fan’s nano-silver solution consisted of using lemon leaf and silver nitrate to kill and prevent the growth of bacteria. 

The 14-year old from San Diego took first place in the 2019 3M Young Scientist challenge, and won the $25,000 prize and a surprise destination trip. Two middle school girls took the second and fourth place for titles, with each winning $1,000 prizes and a surprise trips.

Senior Vice President of corporate affairs, Denise Rutherford said of the competition, “Our communities want science to solve the world’s toughest challenges; we hear this in our research on the State of Science. This year’s finalists have truly inspired us with their ingenious efforts to think innovatively and solve real-world problems.”

3M partnered with Discovery Education for the competition.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Ok so that first paragraph above I don’t even understand what I wrote! And that’s okay because 14 year-old Kara Fan knows all about nano-silver technology and bacteria! I am blown away by this story. Drug resistant-infections are a problem because of our overuse of antibiotics and for this young lady to have an opportunity to create a liquid bandage to kill bacteria is nothing short of amazing. 

STEM fields have a shortage of women and its opportunities through competitions like this that encourage our girls to explore science and technology, setting the stage for future careers in these industries. It was great to learn that out of the 10 finalists, five of them were girls and I’m personally excited to see how they will change our future for the better. Girls have always been just as able as boys to create and innovate. It’s just they haven’t always had the support, resources and opportunity.


High School Girl Wins Top Science Prize