Spa Specializes in Training Estheticians for Cancer Patients

I come across amazing accounts on Instagram daily. My favorite accounts educate, uplift, encourage and inspire. Oncology Spa Solutions does it all. They specialize in training estheticians to serve clients battling cancer or other life-threatening diseases.

Founded in 2013 by uterine cancer survivor and licensed esthetician and Becky Kuehn, Oncology Spa Solutions has trained more than 3,500 students who now serve their clients as oncology-trained estheticians, cosmetologists and massage therapists. These grads now work in hospitals, cancer centers and volunteer with the American Cancer Society. They’ve also started their own businesses and have created their own non-profits.

Kuehn has made it her mission to train those who elevate the lives of those fighting for their lives with customary, safe and loving care. She uses her 37 year career as a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist to serve those whose wellness needs are overlooked and went on becoming certified as a holistic cancer coach and hope coach.

Learn more about Oncology Spa Solutions here. You can also follow them on their Instagram account @oncology_spa_solutions


Spa specializes in cancer patients