Japan Polices Women’s Wear of Glasses at Work

Japan is yet again policing women’s wear in the workplace. A Japanese television show reported on a number of businesses imposing bans on women wearing glasses at work. Women have taken to social media to express their outrage over what is another form of gender-based discrimination and the need for male control over women’s appearances in society.

The outcry and outrage over this latest form of sexism in Japan is reminiscent of the #KuToo movement in the country this past June, where women expressed discontent over the cultural insistence of women wearing high heels in the workplace.

While 21,000 people signed a petition to impose a ban on a mandated dress code of wearing high heels at work, a Japanese minister agreed with the insistence of women wearing heels in the workplace.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Oh Japan. Here you go with this again.

I understand there are certain industries where the dress code is professional and for women that can mean wearing dresses, suits, pants, blouses, etc. And yes, women’s high heels can be part of that dress code and usually is for a number of jobs. But high heels should be a woman’s choice, especially when there are so many other shoe alternatives for women that are just as nice and appropriate for the workplace.

But glasses? Women need glasses to see! Women not only need to wear glasses to see and do their jobs properly, but they look fantastic in glasses. I wrote about this issue earlier this year with the #KuToo story and I’ll say it again. This issue over workplace appearances for women is nothing but the patriarchy trying to control our images. They currently control our pay, which is why we don’t have equal pay. They are always scheming to control our bodies, which is why we constantly have to fight for our reproductive rights. And they want to control our image as a way to control our identities. The patriarchy clearly doesn’t see women as their equals and will continue to come up with ways to control us. I’m pleased to know that women in Japan are speaking up and fighting for their rights to control their own lives.

Japan polices women's wear of glasses at work