Class Action Request Approved for Women’s Soccer

The U.S. Women’s soccer team have been given the green light to sue the U.S. Soccer Federation as a class action lawsuit. They filed a motion two months ago for class certification in an effort to include all female athletes named in the lawsuit who’ve played on the team over a multi-year period.

The team filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation this year with claims of gender discrimination. U.S. Soccer insists the women are paid differently than men due to collective bargaining agreements. But the judge rejected their arguments for the pay disparities.

A spokeswoman for the players said in a statement, “This is a historic step forward in the struggle to achieve equal pay.” She continued, “We are so pleased that the court has recognized USSF’s ongoing discrimination against women players, rejecting USSF’s tired arguments that women must work twice as hard and accept lesser working conditions to get paid the same as men.”

The women’s team has won four World Cup titles. The men’s team has never won a World Cup game.

The Realist Woman’s take:

The judge agreed with the women that it’s absurd for the team to work twice as hard only to get paid half of what the men’s team makes. That scenario is literally what women are referring to when talking about gender discrimination. This is a perfect example of inequality and society wanting us to settle with that inequality.

As a class action lawsuit, I believe this gives the women’s team an upper hand in getting what they’ve asked for and more. Throughout history, it usually takes the forced hand of the law to get the change we’ve been fighting for.